Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ah, the first day of February. Yesterday was beautiful in Inver Grove Heights. About 40 degrees + and sunny. We've had such a cold January; no higher than 1o degrees with many days below zero. Maybe we're finally getting past that point. Ugh! No more...

Erin's Saturn car needed too many repairs to fix yesterday so I picked up Paul and her and we went car shopping. We went to the Saturn dealer in IGH and then went to Culver's for lunch in West St. Paul. We ended up at Honda there in WSP and found a really nice and clean white Pontiac Grand Am. They test drove it and decided it was the one. I'm really happy for them and they'll get really good use out of the car. Good set of wheels and safe to drive.

Annette and I had waffles and bacon today for breakfast. Yum. We'll watch the movie, "Momma Mia". We enjoyed Abba music in our day and look forward to seeing it. The Super Bowl 43 is today at 5:00 central. Go Cardinals!



  1. Did you like Momma Mia? I'm glad you started a blog :-)

  2. We really liked Momma Mia and our stay with you recently. It was fun and very special.

    Love you so,